The LC Texture Pack was released on Dec 18 2011 by Felipe. It is based off many texture packs that in a way fit Legendary Craft the best. Credit is given to Misa's texture pack for her amazing mob and terrain textures. This texture pack is recommended as it is free and it shows your support towards the server.


  1. Download and install MCPatcher
  2. Download the LC Texture Pack. (Do not unzip it)
  3. Open your .minecraft folder and place the zip file in the texturepack folder
  4. Launch Minecraft and select the LC Pack from the texture pack menu.

16x16 Texture PackEdit

This version was made by amyer911. It was resized to remove the need for MCPatcher and to boost fps. Some features of this version is a modified process of breaking blocks and a circular crosshair. It also includes a free hat!

Hat Instructions:Edit

1. Buy a pumpkin from the market.
2. Put it on the helmet slot.
3. Wear the free hat to support this texture pack!
4. The hat also protects from Endermen!
*Note* This only works well with this texture pack. Go ahead, try it with others.


16x16 Texture Pack


-Fixed the doors
-Revamped the progress bar
-Changed the reticle
-Fixed ladders

-Fixed Redstone and normal torches.
-Delayed progress bar
-Changed the Texture Pack picture back to LC

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